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Introducing New Patient Education Resources

Hello everyone, I am very excited to announce the release of our new patient education powerpoint workshops. We will be posting these workshops on the Innate Choice website in the Product Info section and you will be able to send patients directly to the website to view them. You are also welcome to download these educational workshops AT NO CHARGE and either deliver them to your patients and communities yourselves or post them on your own websites.

The computer age has changed patient education. Other than some of your ‘mature’ patients, most of your client base will no longer be looking to read brochures or handouts. Clearly the most effective way to educate is by delivering a live workshop. However, this method requires a large time commitment from both patient and doctor and it is not always feasible. For this reason we have created a series of workshops on the Innate Choice Essential Nutrient System that you can simply refer your patients to on the web - either through your own website or ours. The importance and effectiveness of patient education has not changed; the mode of delivery has!

The reason I only developed the few products we offer is not because I don’t realize I could make more money if I developed and offered more products and it is not because it is too difficult to produce such products. The reason I only offer the products I do at Innate Choice is due to three things - paradigm, scientific evidence, and integrity. Innate Choice is a supplement company NOT a nutraceutical company.

It is VERY important that both you and your patients understand the difference - your patient outcomes and your clinic income depend upon it. The truth is that defining and offering what essential nutrients require supplementation by EVERY patient EVERYDAY, FOR LIFE is the best way to remove confusion about supplementation, improve patient health outcomes, and create ethical doctor income. Your moral obligation is to educate patients about these nutrients and to offer them at a fair price.

To help clarify the difference between supplementation and nutraceutical therapy I am providing a powerpoint workshop “Our Founding Principles: Why Innate Choice is the Gold Standard Supplement Company” for you, your staff, and your patients.

This will be accompanied by an audio of me speaking on this very topic (Supplementation vs Nutraceutical Therapy: Addressing the Cause vs Addressing the Effect). I want everyone to understand exactly why I created Innate Choice, why Innate Choice offers the products we do, and why this approach is clearly the most evidence-based and most clinically effective approach to wellness and prevention.

In addition we have created a newsletter on the article I wrote and posted on www.wellnessandprevention.com entitled ‘Species Wide and Species Specific: The Science and Paradigm of Wellness & Prevention Nutrition’. This is a great complement to the audio and workshop resources. Please read it yourselves and then distribute it to, or post it on your website for, your patients (or simply send them to the Innate Choice website where they can view it under ‘newsletters’).

I am also providing the workshop on Omega Sufficiency (Omega Sufficiency: The Gold Standard Omega-3 Supplement) which is for you, your staff, and your patients.

Please view, and have your staff and patients view, the attached workshops and newsletter and listen to the audio presentation. You are free to download them and we will of course post them on the Innate Choice website.

I appreciate your trust and your business.

To download the presentations, log into your account and then look for Presentations under My Account in the left side menu. You will find links to downloadable versions in PowerPoint and PDF, as well as to the online version..

The powerpoint workshops for the rest of the Innate Choice Essential Nutrient System will follow shortly!

I look forward to your feedback.

With love and appreciation,

Dr. James L. Chestnut
President, CIO (Chief Integrity Officer) - Innate Choice


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