September 2019

I have used all services provided and happy with the results.

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September 2017

I have been going to the Peak Chiropractic for over 4 years, Dr. Duane Smethurst, and I would not go any place else, I have had 2 failed back surgeries so I am more high need then maybe a lot of other patients of Dr. Duane. I can go in and see him and no matter what my problem is, I leave there in better shape then when I walked in. Sometimes I have to go back for a "tune up" because things don't like to stay put like my pelvis but when I get home, I am fine and end up having a very good night's sleep. I highly recommend Dr. Duane and that is why I am still a patient there, because he is good and I also enjoy walking in and feeling so welcome and with his sense of humour and putting you so much at ease, please go and see him, you won't be sorry.

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May 2011

I was 16 when I suffered a motor vehicle accident. The first place I went to get checked out was the E.R and they told me I had minor whiplash. Two days later I came to Peak to see Dr. Duane and he found in a scan that I had Isthmic Spondylotisthesis, a slippage between my L4 and L5 vertibre. If it weren't for Dr. Duane I would have started football 2 weeks later and would have put myself at risk of being in a wheelchair the rest of my life. Ever since that day I have lived a healthier and safer life as to build my care and keep my back strong. Thank you Dr. Duane for everything you have done for me!!!

Laine Michael

May 2011

A few weeks ago I came home from working a Saturday night graveyard shift, my finace Christine Clarke was in bed and had an excruciating pain in her jaw. She had not slept all night even after taking several pain killers. She said that she was eating a gummie candy the past eveing and all of a sudden she felt a snap on the side of her head. As a result she could not sleep, she could not turn her head or even talk without considerable pain. We decided to call upon a chiropractor to whether she coud get relief from the pain. Because it was Sunday we thought that it would be almost impossible to get some help. we were very fortunate as our first call was to Peak Chiropractic Centre and Dr.Duane graciously said he would meet with us although he was home at that time. We met with Dr. Duane and he explained the circumstances of her pain. Dr. Duane administered only one treatment to Christine and as a result her pain had lessened, she was able to move her head more freely and she could also talk again with little or no pain. I have to thank Dr. Duane for the fine work you did for Christine. You certainly improved Christine's quality of life on that day. However you didn't improve mine as Christine was just as talkative as usual. Alas, my short reprieve was over.

Submitted by: Ken Cassan about fiance Christine Clarke

May 2011

Dr. Duane has been my chiropractic care giver for over 2 years. During that time I found him to be a very compassionate and knowledgeable doctor. I was injured as a pedestrian, when a car come through a red light and hit me as I crossed the street at an intersection. A very good orthopedic surgeon set broken bones and gave me excellent care for that. From there on I was told to just expect some pain and to keep on exercising to keep limber. That was very painful when my whole body was out of alignment.

I can now walk greater distances without pain in my left leg which had been broken in two places below the knee. I no longer have any pain in the pelvic area which had also suffered breaks in the accident. I have a greatly improved range of motion in my shoulders and can now easily reach for something behind me without completely turning my whole body around.

In retrospect I truly wish I had been under Dr. Duane's chiropractic care within weeks of the accident rather than the years I waited. I am continuing maintenace chiropractic care with Dr. Duane and have also come into alignment.

I have had adjustments to my stomach area wich totally released me from the pain caused by a Hiatus Hernia. Don't know what he did to it but I no longer suffer that pain.

I would stronly recomment chiropractic care to any one suffering from pain and the compassionate Dr. Duane is a good one to visit.

Ethel Brattberg

September 2009

The first time I came into the clinic was for neck and back problems. After receiving chiropractic adjustments I went to the Optometrist and had a 25% increase in my vision. For the last three years I have had to change my prescription for my glasses as my eyesight keeps improving! I have been under regular chiropractic care from Dr. Duane Smethurst since 2005 and my neck and back pain have improved. I have highly recommended Dr. Duane to my family and friends as well.

Shirley Blomander

October 2007

I was very concerned about my child's headaches and neck pain. I took him to get his eyes checked - no problem there that would cause headaches. I took him to the doctor, who recommended Advil for a few weeks, and should that not work then a look inside his head to check for "anything growing." I took him to another doctor who recommended an herb, but when I went to the health food store to purchase it, was told it was not recommended for a child so young. Anyway, in the end I decided Chiropractic treatment might be the answer (the Advil didn't work, and I didn't want anyone looking inside his head unless there were no other options!) Dr. Smethurst saw William frequently at first, and gradually the appointments were spread out. His headaches have gone away completely, and his neck pain is now almost non-existent. For my child, Chiropractic treatment was the solution!

Lori Depenau

October 2007

Peak Chriopractic has helped me for 9 years to maintain alignment in both my body and my life. Professionalism and integrity are foremost with Dr. Duane and each member of his staff.

Randy Charland (Client for life)